Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 60: Important lessons I never taught

This one wasn't so much something I learned today as it is a lesson, gleaned from my study notes, that I never had the chance to impart.

Amidst early scrawls of "what is information?", "What is information science?", "why are we here?" and "what are we getting a degree in anyways?" came a handy little initialism.


Here's my lesson...

Lesson 60: It's easier to remember if you reverse it and make it an acronym. WKID. As in: "Library school is W[ic]KID!"

WKID is the hierarchy of information, usually represented by a pyramid, with Data at the bottom and Wisdom at the top.

Wisdom is made of applied and experienced Knowledge, which is made of synthesized and processed Information, which is organized Data.

This is essentially the foundation of everything we're studying.

And I find acronyms, which are by definition pronounceable, way easier to remember than initialisms, which by definition are not pronounceable.

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