Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 74: And It Continues To Pour...

I'm feeling a little facetious today....

I was more impressed with the lesson being taught than any lesson I personally learned.

Lesson 70: People are people.

We were discussing the needs of different groups with regards to library services and materials. Homeless people, teens, new immigrants, etc. And each person presented their bit about what each group needed, and ultimately they realized that all these people need the same things.

People are people. They all need the same basic information and materials, some may prefer them with specific focuses, or in different formats, but for all the distinctions and categories we try to fit them in, they all have the same basic information needs.

The slides aren't up, so I can't share my particular favourite break down of people's information needs (specifically the study was about teens, but it was functionally identical to the same ones shown for all the other groups) but I'll put it up when I find it!

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