Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 29: Guess who's back!

Thanksgiving break was a great success! So much tastiness!

I guess it was a better success for others though... Despite how much I heard about "This break isn't to go off places, it's to study!", my course this morning was ridiculously under-attended. I suppose today's lesson must be that... 

Lesson 28: Some classes are just worth skipping if it reduces your travel costs.


Lesson 29: Some classes should just straight up be avoided. 

I had been planning on taking the multimedia course, but I heard today that it is beyond basic. And I don't mean that it goes beyond the basics. I mean beyond in the other direction. I have also been told that despite my desire to dabble in archival studies, I should not take Records Management. I should stick to Archival Principles and Practice, and Preservation Management, given my interest.

We'll see if my advisor agrees.


  1. I was curious so I poked around in the winter2012 course list, but I didn't see a multimedia course. Is it multimedia systems with Guastavino? If so, I took that course, and it was decent.

    I highly recommend descriptive bibliography with Virr, though. That was one of my favorite courses ever.

  2. I'll keep the descriptive bibliography course recommendation in mind, thanks!
    As for the multimedia course, I'm not sure of the exact title or who the prof is... Everyone I've talked to just refers to it as "the multimedia course". It had been suggested to me because of my background in film and photography. Apparently they cover some photoshop-esque stuff (but free photoshop, so gimp), GarageBand, that sort of stuff.

  3. That sounds like the one I took. We covered Audacity, Gimp, GarageBand, and iMovie. Some practice, plenty of theory (rule of thirds, etc) - which may in fact be too basic considering your background.