Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 79: Another brick in the wall

All things are cyclical. Here we are again. Another midterm point, another week of doom.

Five projects due this week, one of which I have to turn in a day early because I'm leaving Thursday afternoon to get the maximum amount of time at home. But we'll see how that goes, I don't know about all this.

Lesson 75: Bohemian Rhapsody is full of good life learning.

Anyway the wind blows, nothing really matters.

Things tend to feel too life or death all the time. I used to tell myself when I'd start worrying about something that the only outcome worth getting worried about was death, so I rarely had any cause to worry. But then my mind started coming up with the most elaborate and ridiculous ways that every situation was obviously a life or death situation, and so my particular coping mechanism didn't work any more.

Now, well, it doesn't really matter, does it? If something goes wrong, it'll be upsetting for a bit, but I'll find a way to move past it and it'll all just be another insignificant memory. Things will work out.

So why panic about having a lot of assignments due? I'll either get them done on time or I won't. Either way, things will work out eventually, and ultimately it won't really matter if I handed assignment X in a few days late or didn't format the title page of assignment Y precisely correct down to the individual spaces.

The human brain's a wonderful thing, and it can make a smooth past out of the roughest.

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