Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 83: Life is like a videogame...

... And I'm grinding my way through levels on boars in the woods...

We were discussing social networking in class today and its applications in librarianship. And it basically came down to investment.

Lesson 80: Librarians should play around with and understand all these new trends, but shouldn't necessarily "get into" every new thing that comes along.

That means everyone should at least have an account and play around a bit to get a feel for it and really understand it. This is so we know if something's useful to us and can then make use of it and so that we can help our users when they come asking questions.

On the other hand, sinking a lot of time, energy and interest into every single new thing that comes along is a recipe for burn out and disaster when some of these things you've invested so much into don't pan out (ie/Second Life).

In semi-related news, I got myself a Pinterest account today... so you can come follow me! I'll even provide invites for anyone who wants them...

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