Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 49: WARNING! Cyborg puppies conspire to separate New Brunswick from Canada!

Today was our first lab about Dewey Decimal in my Cataloguing class. I've always loved Dewey. I worked in a library, and I know how to find everything I could possibly want in a Dewey system without a catalogue. But having never learned it formally, I learned a great many things today about this odd, rather outdated, system.

Lesson 47: Dewey Decimal Classification holds some very bizarre things to be true.

These things include, but are not limited to:
  • all domesticated animals being technology. Mechanical puppies? Check!
  • a New Brunswick free Canada.
  • conspiracy theories being affiliated with computers.

    Actually, that last one's not really that odd, given the rise of conspiracy-culture fuelled by the internet.

    But my favourite thing about Dewey? This rap:

    Also, do you like the new picture of myself I've included along the right side? It's from our Quidditch Yule Ball Poster photo shoot last night, and I thought it'd be nice to actually have a good picture of myself on my blog... I'm normally the one behind the camera, so there are very few good pictures of me. And in this one I'm flying a broom! Huzzah!

    I edited it, but the photo credit goes to Lindsey P. Cameron, aka Widget.
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