Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 57: Extensions R Us

My last project was meant to be due today, but the prof gave the entire class a two day extension last week, so it's actually due Thursday.

And I still have no idea why he gave the extension. Hrm...

Today was painful, yet productive.

First of all, who ever said that working in a library is safe? I accidentally stabbed myself in the hand with a letter opener and got two paper cuts, all within 15 minutes! And one of those paper cuts I didn't notice until after it happened despite the fact it's under my nail! Ouch.

That's not to mention me pulling muscles trying to retrieve "Medical Surgical Nursing" (a single textbook, which according to Amazon weights 4.8kg) from reserve for people, or getting my fingers/hand caught in scissors or between piles of books and desk. Because I'm awesome.

Second, figurative pain. And today's lesson.

Lesson 56: No matter how careful, conservative and gentle you are, everything needs to be replaced eventually. Like my favourite black purse. Poor purse...

But isn't it just my luck that everything needs replacing at the same time? I ran out of all my toiletries, all of my food staples, and clean clothes to wear within the same few days.

I know living isn't cheap, but having to buy/pay for all those things on the same day is just painful.

Though it did mean that I got some nice smelling new soaps, went to the bank, did my grocery shopping AND did my laundry all in one day.

Being all productive...

Like an adult!

However, it wasn't caffeine withdrawal that had me feeling hungover yesterday. The cough has been joined by a killer sore throat that appeared out of nowhere and within a matter of hours started affecting my ability to speak...

I'm sick.

Well, better sick for exams than sick for projects.

I guess.

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