Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 54: And so it begins again.

Let it be known: Today was the beginning of the end of the first half of my first year of library school.

My last cataloguing class.

Cue the over-dramatic sobs.

Seriously though, I liked cataloguing. And if I ever have a labelmaker and a bunch of free time, I'm totally going to Dewey-decimalize my entire non-fiction book collection. And if it's that much free time, I may just do the same to my fiction.

Because, yes: I am that much of a nerd.

Looking even further forward than the mere end of semester...

Work wanted to know my holiday plans to get December/January tentatively scheduled, so I had to actually check over my schedule for next semester.

Lesson 52: 3 weeks off for Christmas, and four-day weekends all semester.

I thought I only had 2 weeks off for Christmas, but I've actually got post-New Years recovery time!

I feel like I planned really well! Or... well, we'll see how I feel about that when next semester rolls around.

All my classes crammed into two days, with no breaks, makes me feel like every day of school next semester is going to be like my Wednesdays... Except even more condensed. Rather than class from 8:35-5:25 with leisurely lunch 'n library breaks, it'll be 8:35-2:25 with no breaks but the ones my profs give me.

Better start packing lunches more consistently!

Also, I guess the posting is going to become very sparse next month... The only days that will count as a day of library school will be my exam days. And I'll really just be a rain cloud those days.

Unless I can reign that in to provide an analysis of the difficulty of the exam in question and the apparent effectiveness of my studying... Hmmmm...

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